Hi, I’m Shasha


With a Degree in business admin hons. marketing, graduated in 2018 and jumped into digital marketing agency head on. Climbed up as social media marketing project manager by end of 2019 until present.

What I love about social media marketing is the flexibility and how malleable it is as a channel in marketing. It reaches to the right audience, the people who are actually looking for you. I also love that you’re able to use graphic to interact with the audience. Because lets just admit it as sexy as reading is, we want to be ENTERTAINED!


I graduated with the diploma in Foodservice Management in 2011. Worked with the family company for 7 years untill it was time to explore uncharted waters in 2018. Throughout the years I worked from the server, kitchen assistant and climbed step by step untill I was given the opportunity to lead and start its own catering division. My employment ended with as the business owner (my father) decided to retire and focus other matters.

community engagement

I am also a host for a non profit social meetup group named “Introverts & Conversations” (visit Introverts & Conversations Meetup group page). This group’s goal is to provide a channel for people to meet new people and socialize; to encourage people to be more open to interacting with their community. I have also started a mental health support group to provide a safe space for people looking for a shoulder to lean on or looking for someone who lend an ear.


“In a crowded market, be unforgettable”